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About Spanish Fork Broadcasting


     Spanish Fork Broadcasting started in August of 1994, we began with one part-15 radio station on 92.5 FM in Spanish Fork, Utah. We found part-15 broadcasting both fun and rewarding, even though the coverage is very small it managed to gain a loyal following. Over the years the original station has had to move frequency several times due to local radio changes.


     At the height of our venture we were operating 2 separately programmed FM stations, one AM and one TV station (all part-15), we were also netcasting to the world!! (we also, at one time, had stations outside of Utah) Since then we have scaled back to 1 AM/FM station, and we are netcasting the station, fully legal via live365.com!!




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spanishforkbroadcasting.com, Spanishforkbroadcasting.net, Spanishforkbroadcasting.org, Spanishforkbroadcasting.us, Spanishforkbroadcasting.info.


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Livecutsonline.com, professornutmeg.com, professornutmeg.net, Waybackmachineusa.com




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